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Welcome to the Presidential-Coins website

American Presidents have been featured on US coins since the introduction of the Lincoln cent in 1909.  The official government Presidential Dollar Coin series takes coin production to a new level.

Presidential $ Coin Series

In 2007 the United States government mint began minting the Presidential Dollar Series of coins.  Four presidential golden dollars are minted for circulation each year.  The first $ coin in this series was our first US president, George Washington. Four president dollar coins are produced yearly, and will continue being minted each year until one coin honoring every deceased president has been released.  (See President $ release schedule for more details.)

With only four presidential coins minted per year, it will take over a dozen years to feature all deceased United States former presidents.  The US mint has stated that if a living president dies before the series is completed, a coin honoring him will be minted before the series ends.

What do the golden dollar coins look like?

The US government conducted a great deal of research before finalizing the looks and design of the dollars. 

Each dollar coin shows the presidents portrait, name, and dates that the president served in office on the coin's front.  The back has an attractive image of the Statue of Liberty.  A unique feature is the unusual edge lettering.  Instead of small lines (reeds) around the coin's edge these presidential dollars show the date, mint mark, and US mottos on the EDGE


Additional pictures of the $ coins are available here.


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