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2008 Presidential dollar coin Proof sets

News update - February 1,  2008

2008-s Presidential $ Proof Set Released

    The US Mint announces the release of the new Presidential dollar coin proof sets.  First started in 2007, the Presidential Dollar series features four new coin designs each year, with each design of another president. This is the second year of the Presidential series coins.  For 2008 the four presidents honored are:  James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren. 

These four 2008 coins are housed in a special Proof set box. 

All four dollars contain S mint marks on the edge, indicating that they were minted at the United States government mint in San Francisco.  S mint mark coins are not released into general circulation, like the P and D mint mark coins.

Rolls and small bags of P and D mint mark dollars are also available for purchase from the US government's United States Mint.

Proof coins are minted with special polished coin dies and each coin is struck two or more times.  The result is a very high detailed coin with a mirror like surface. 

PCGS set of presidential dollars
2008-s Proof Presidential Dollars Set certified and graded by PCGS

Future Presidential Coins

Four times a year, new US President $ coin will be released.  This presidential dollar coin series will continue year year until 2016, when all deceased US presidents will have honored with a coin.

An unusual feature of Presidential dollar coins for 2007 and 2008 is that the S mintmark is found on the edge of the coin rather than on the face of the coin.  Special side angle proof set holders allow you to see the edge of the coin through the plastic case.  This may change, beginning in 2009.  See news article about proposed coin design changes.

See related article indicating the Presidential Dollar coin release schedule for upcoming years.




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