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2009 Presidential dollar coin Proof sets

News - February 10  2009

2009-s Proof Presidential Dollar coin Sets Released by US MINT

The United States Mint announced the release of the 2009 Presidential dollar coin proof sets. This is the 3rd year of the Presidential Dollar series.  The 2009 set features four president coin designs, honoring:  William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K Polk, and Zachary Taylor.

2009 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set (TM)

(US Mint Item # PD6)

Here is what the US MINT says about this beautiful coin set:

"The 2009 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set™ is the third annual set of an exciting series honoring past Presidents of the United States in the order in which they served. The 2009 Presidential $1 Coins feature Presidents William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor with a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty on the reverse. These 2009 coins feature large, dramatic artwork, as well as edge-incused inscriptions of the year of minting or issuance, E PLURIBUS UNUM and the mint mark. "

2009 Presidential $ Proof coin sets

2009 US mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set (photo) - item # PD6

"United States Mint proof coins are extraordinarily brilliant, with sharp relief and a mirror-like background. Their frosted, sculpted foregrounds give them a special cameo effect. Proof blanks are specially treated, polished and cleaned to ensure high quality strikes. The blanks are then fed into presses fitted with specially polished dies and struck at least twice to ensure sharp relief. The coins are then packaged in a protective lens to showcase and maintain their exceptional finish."

2009 marks the first year of the Presidential Dollars with IN GOD WE TRUST appearing on the face of the coin.  During 2007 and 2008 the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST was found on the coin's edge. (See related article about Edge errors in 2007.

All four dollars contain S mint marks on the edge, indicating that they were minted at the United States government mint in San Francisco. Unlike the P and D mint mark dollars, the S mint mark coins are not released into general circulation and are usually only found in special US mint government issued proof sets..

Proof coins are minted with special polished coin dies and each coin is struck two or more times.  The result is a very high detailed coin with a mirror like surface. 

 The proposed coin design changes have been implemented beginning with the 2009 Presidential Dollar coins.

See related article indicating the Presidential Dollar coin release schedule for future  years.




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