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US Congress wants to change Presidential dollar coin Edge Lettering in 2009

News update - March,  2008

Unhappy Congressmen have coinage plans

    United States Congressmen and Senators are unhappy about the edge lettering Presidential Dollar problems at the US mint. Many report that their constituents are calling, writing and emailing about the missing "In God We Trust" slogan on Presidential dollar coins. The non-coin collector may not know that there are two reasons for the complaints.

The Coin Motto's Location

First, the location of "In God We Trust" is not on the front or back of the dollars, rather you will find the motto on the coin's edge. 

Coin Edge Lettering on new dollars

(See related article about
the presidential dollar coin edge lettering

Mottos and Date Often Go Unnoticed

On the coin's edge, along with the motto, are the coin's date and mintmark. Because the lettering is so small and because of this unique location many citizens, including some collectors don't notice. Our legislators in Washington have received complaints from the uninformed public that these coins are missing the motto "In God We Trust".  Although complaining with good intentions, these citizens haven't been told to "look at the coin's edge".

Real dollar coins without the Motto

The second reason for coin complaints stems from a batch of Washington Presidential dollar error coins that were accidently released from the mint.  These error dollars were missing the normal edge lettering.  They failed to go through that part of the minting process and were released to banks in various parts of the country.  Although scarce and demanding a price premium from collectors, these error dollars received a lot of news media coverage.  These error dollars did indeed lack the US mottos, and in some circles they are being called "Godless Dollars".  However, the supply on the coin market is small and the error was unintentional.

No Edge Lettering on Future Presidential Dollars?

So, what does all this mean?  Some of our governmental legislators are proposing that the motto "In God We Trust" be moved to the face of the coin. Legislative bills have been introduced to make these coinage changes.  If passed, we may likely have different edges on our 2009 Presidential Dollar coins.

See related article: Presidential Dollar coin release schedule for upcoming years.


Update to this article - Edge lettering changes on new 2009 Proof Sets containing the Presidential Dollar coins.  


Part of this information is copyright in 2008 by The US Mint.  Used by permission.

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