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"New Edge-Lettering"

on The Presidential Dollars Coins Series

Edges of Dollars show Mottos

The United States mint has designed the US Presidential Dollar coins with unusual edge lettering.  During this century US

circulating coins have displayed plain edges (as in pennies, nickels, and the Sacagawea dollars) or reeded edges (as in US dimes, quarters, and half dollars).  Edge lettering on the President coins will show traditional American coin inscriptions such as "In God We Trust" and "E Pluribus Unum".  By holding a Presidential dollar flat with the "Head" of the coin facing up, one can look at the edge and read these inscriptions. 

Edge Lettering on Presidential Coins

Side view of Presidential Coins - Notice letters on edge.

As you hold up a Presidential dollar coin and view it from the side you will notice these new and exiting features. 


Date and Mint Marks appear on Coin's edges

An additional feature is that the Date and Mint mark will also be located on the side of the coin.  This may bring up an interesting evolution in the way coin collector's display their coins.  With the date and mint mark on the edges, collectors may want coin holders and albums to allow the observer a clear view of the edge of the coin.  Initially the US mint will produce "P" (Philadephia US Mint) and "D" (Denver US Mint) marked coins.  (Notice the image above.  It shows a P, Philadephia, Mint mark coin.)  The P and D mint Presidential Dollars will be released into general circulation and should be available at local banks. 

Proof Presidential Dollar coins will be sold only in special mint produced "Proof Sets".  The proofs will have "S" mint marks indicating they were minted at the San Francisco US government mint.  (See our links pages for more information on where you can buy Proof Presidential $ Sets and certified/graded Presidential dollar coins.)


Two different methods used to mint the edge lettering.  

The United States mint announced they will be using a couple techniques to produce coins with letterings, dates, and mint marks on the edges.  Regular coins minted for circulation will be minted with plain edges and then sent through a special machine that will roll and press the edge lettering on each coin.  This will take place after the front (obverse) and back (reverse) of each coin is struck.  This allows for the possibility of mint errors in which the dollar gets accidentally released without the proper edge lettering.


"Proof" coins that will be released in special government proof sets will be handled in a different way.  The edge lettering will be made as the obverse and reverse designs are struck in the minting process.  A special holder will hold the coin blank in place during the minting process.  This holder will have the edge inscription on it and as the coin is struck the edges of the coin will be pressed into the holder resulting in the lettering appearing around the edges.


Not the first time for edge lettering

Although not familiar to our generation, edge lettering was used on American coinage in times past.  However, it has been almost a century since the United States had coins circulating with edge lettering. An example of older coins with edge lettering, is the old Half dollar coins minted in the early 1800's.


Why edge lettering on the Presidential Dollar coins?

One official said something like this:

"Edge lettering on the Presidential Dollar Coins allows more room for the artists to create designs that truly honor the presidents." 

Without the date, mintmark, and inscriptions on the face of the coin, they can design something with more details and create a bigger image on the face of the coin. 



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