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Presidential Dollar Coin – Plain Edge Errors discovered

February 2007

 New US 2007 George Washington Presidential dollar coins are now reaching banks in the United States and coin collectors are discovering some exciting errors in bank rolls and bags.  Both P and D mint mark varieties have been released by the government into general circulation. 


The new Presidential dollars have some unique features.  They have edge lettering.  Instead of placing the date and mint mark on the face or back of the coin, it is found on the edge.  Look at the edge of one of the new dollars and you will see the date (the year minted), mint mark (a P, D or S) and the mottos (E. Pluribus Unum and In God We Trust) on the edge of the coin.  Check it carefully. You could even ask a friend with better vision to verify it for you.  Make sure, before you go putting the wrong coin in your Mozo bank accounts!  Now you know the secret, you will never make the mistake again.

 If you don’t see these inscriptions, then you may have one of the newly discovered Plain Edge Error coins!

Normal Edge of the Washington Presidential Dollar coins 

Click here to see the new Presidential $1 coin features.

Where to view - where to buy - a new plain edge ERROR Presidential dollar coin.

Collectors and dealers are calling the error the “plain edge” dollar error or plain edge variety. Coin collectors are hunting through their George Washington $1s in search of these elusive “plain-edge” errors.

 Error coins have been reported found in some of the same areas, indicating that they may have been from the same day’s minting.  One collector reports that after finding his first plain edge error dollar he went to several banks in his area buying up rolls of the Washington dollars.  He says he found several more coins during his search.  Other coin collectors are searching their rolls of George Washington dollars with hopes of finding their first plain edge error dollar. 

Plain edge Washington dollar is an error

The new Presidential dollar coins have an unusual edge.  After the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of the coins are stamped on US mint Schular coinage presses, the edge lettering is applied to the coin by running it through another Schular machine, called an edge lettering machine.    

Evidently, some of the presidential dollars escaped this second step and the edge lettering wasn’t applied to them in the minting process.  Often, mistakes and error coins are detected by the US mint quality control inspection team and then destroyed, never making it into circulation.  However, the mint somehow missed catching these error coins.

 Plain edge Prez dollar error coins have been reported from P and D mint rolls and bags.  (Thus far) most have been reportedly found in areas that normally receive P mint coins.  Once one of these errorcoins is removed from the roll or bag it came in, there is no way to tell if the dollar was originally intended to be a P or D mint coin.  Why?  Because the mint marks are normally found on the edge along with the other lettering that is missing. 

 Be sure to search your coins for this error.

Many people who have seen the Presidential dollars, haven’t noticed that the edges of the coins have lettering.  It’s possible that some of the plain edge error coins are in the hands of these inattentive collectors.  It pays to be knowledgeable and attentive, so checkout your Presidential dollars and maybe you will find a “plain edge” Washington dollar coin with the missing edge lettering.

Plain edge presidential dollar error coins are also called by some collectors: rimless errors, smooth edge $'s, missing edge lettering dollars, and God-less dollars.

Where to see - where to buy - a new plain edge ERROR Presidential dollar coin.


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