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Unusual facts about US Presidents

News update - February 2007

Interesting Presidential Facts and Trivia

Question:  Which president was sworn into office by a woman?

Answer: Lyndon B. Johnson by Judge Sarah T. Hughes.     


Question: Five Presidents have been elected whose closest opponent received more popular votes. Who were the Presidents?

Answer: John Quincy Adams, election of 1824; Hayes, 1876; Benjamin Harrison, 1888; William J. Clinton, 1996 and George W. Bush 2000.

Question: Who was the first President to speak on television?              

Answer: F.D.Roosevelt. 


Question: Who was the oldest person ever elected President?

Answer:  Ronald Reagan, 73.  

Question: Who was the only president to ever kill someone in a duel?

Answer: Andrew Jackson was the only president to ever kill a man in a duel.

Question: Which US President had a stuffed toy named after him? 

Answer:  The teddy bear was named after President Theodore (Teddy)  Roosevelt.

See article describing which Presidential Dollars will be released each year.


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