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Using Computer Software to

Inventory your Coin Collection


Coin collecting can be great fun.  Pleasure and enjoyment is one of the many reasons there are hundreds of thousands of coin collectors here in the United States.

Making a collection inventory list

At some point, every collector will decide he needs to make an inventory list of what he owns.  If you are a coin collector, perhaps you’ve already made one.  Lists are good.  They help you keep track of things.  However, if you are like me, your coin inventory list is constantly changing, as you add new coins to your collection.  A written list soon becomes outdated and hard to keep up with.  Want an easier process?

I’ve got some better ideas for you!

Three solutions for your coin inventory

There are three solutions that you might want to try.  See which one fits best with your needs. 

1.)   Purchase a coin inventory check list book. 

For a nominal fee you can purchase a preprinted paperback book that lists popular US coins.  In the book you can mark or place a check mark by the coins that you own.  Pros & Cons -   Convenient, but limited, as you often only the options of recording what is listed in the book.  Making changes in your collection inventory are limited.

2.)  Create your own computer spreadsheet

Use Excel or a similar computer program to inventory your coin collection.   This is fine for a collector who already knows how to use a spreadsheet or create their own data base.  Pros & Cons -   Many more possibilities exist when using software to make your own inventory list chart than doing it on paper.  You can include all kind of information, such as your original costs, purchase dates, current values.  The limitations are up to you. 

However, creating your own coin inventory data base can be very time consuming.  You are limited by what you know how to do, and by the time it takes to do things with the software.  How your spreadsheets are laid out and organized are up to you, which if you have many coins, may become monotonous or boring.  If you update your list each year with current coin values, making those changes in coin prices one-by-one can be very time consuming.

3.)  Purchase a Coin Collecting computer software program

This is my favorite and my recommendation.  Why?  The convenience of using a coin collection software program gives you all of the best options.  With a little learning most of the coin inventory software programs allow you to:

§  Record what you own, and in the various coin grades or conditions. 

§  Easily make changes. 

§  Print updated inventory lists.

§  Compare what you have with what you might be missing in your coin collection.

§  Record your initial costs for each coin

Keeping up with Coin Values

Many software programs also allow you to purchase yearly updates that can automatically load the latest coin market values, so that you don’t have to manually change “current value” prices.  It is just like adding a current price guide to your collection software.

Additionally, some software companies also sell “world coin” modules, “US currency” add-ons, or general inventory add-ons - where you can use the same computer program to record inventory for all types of hobbies or collections.


Purchase a coin collection inventory computer software program to go on your home computer.  There are several companies making them, and some have won best consumer awards and are highly rated.  

I’d recommend getting one that has “values” included.  The small extra cost to purchase one that has price guide values included is well worth it, even if you don’t intend to update those values every year.  In upcoming years you can purchase the updated price guide modules for a small fee, if and when you want to.

You can purchase the software on the internet from several companies.   Once you buy the software and load it on to your personal computers, begin adding the coins that you own to a data base.   A coin expert recommends using the software to print an annual coin inventory list and store that list in a safe place for insurance and reference purposes.

Buy the coin software, load it on your computer, add your coins, and soon you will be as pleased with your coin inventory list, as you are with your coin collection.


What software should you choose?

Coin Collector Assistant (with Values) is my personal favorite.  Order it on line and they will mail you a CD.  The software works with most all types of computers that use the Windows XP or Vista operating systems.  Follow the instructions that come with the CD and you’ll have all your coin information stored on your own computer in no time.  They also provide on-line tutorials and assistance in getting started.  If you later want to update the changing prices of your coin collection, you can purchase a yearly updated values list for a small cost.  Or, you have the option of individually changing prices in your computer as you like.  Take a look at all the other options that come with this software.  Seems they have thought of everything. I think you’ll be impressed.   For more information or to purchase the software go to      http://lynncoins.com   

The coin software developers have combination specials from time to time, where they include Coin Collector Assistant with other software they make, such as Currency Collector Assistant, or Coin Grading software.  Go to http://www.lynncoins.com/soft_value_pack.htm for a special combo deals.

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