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Is there Gold in the Presidential Golden Dollar coins?

What are the Golden Presidential Dollars made of?

    As soon as the United State government Mint announced the release of the new Presidential dollar coins in 2007, the public began inquiring about the "gold" content in these $ coins.

design of presidential dollar coin 

Although gold in color the Presidential Dollars have no gold in them.

Presidential Golden Dollars have no gold in them.  Instead they are composed of:

  • a  pure copper core

  • with an outer layer made of 77% copper, 12 % zinc, 7% manganese, and 4% nickel.

This unique combination of metals gives the dollar coins their golden appearance.

Weight:  8.1 grams

Diameter:  26.5 millimeters

US government mints producing Presidential Dollars:

  • Denver Mint - D mint mark

  • Philadelphia Mint - P mint mark

  • San Francisco Mint - S mint mark (proofs only)

Basic Reverse Design of US Presidential Dollar Coins

Reverse design of presidential dollar coin

Statue of Liberty reverse design of presidential dollar coins

(in PCGS holder)

See article about the Presidential Dollar coins to be released in upcoming years.




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