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Another Scarce Plain Edge Error Dollar Discovered!

Only 4 error coins found, thus far!

September 2008

The Independent Coin Grading Company (ICG) reports discovering a few Plain Edge error dollars when opening 5,000 United states 2008 US Mint coin sets. 

“They were opening several thousand sets to certify the individual dollars.  During examination and grading they discovered (four) plain edge error dollar coins.”

At the time of this writing, no other errors dollars have been reported. 

Picture of Jackson and Monroe coins 

 What they found

One Andrew Jackson and three James Monroe Plain Edge presidential dollar error coins were discovered and subsequently graded and certified.  Out of approximately 5,000 sets searched, only a few scarce error dollars were found that did not have the normal edge descriptions and dates. 

Rare coin discovery?

“With the small quantities that were found, these error coins seem quite rare!”

One noted coin dealer, who requested not to be identified said, “These (missing edge inscription dollars) will probably sell for over $1,000 each, if not several thousand dollars per coin.”   He added that his price valuation would not hold true if large quantities were unexpectedly discovered.

Picture of 2008 Mint set

 Do more of these errors exist in other 2008 Mint Sets?  Maybe?  Perhaps? Probably?  Now that the word is out, collectors across the country should check their sets to see if they have one.

Where to look for the errors

Coin Collecting Tip:

2008 Mint coin sets contain coins minted at both the Philadelphia and Denver US mint. When searching your 2008 Mint set for the smooth edge 2008 error coins, closely examine the edges of the Philadelphia (P Mint) dollars first.  All the Monroe and Jackson plain edge errors found thus far came out of Philadelphia mint coin holders. 

(Note:  The edge lettering normally shows the year of issue, mint mark, and US mottos.  When the edge lettering is missing, there is no way to identify whether the coins originally were supposed to have D or P mint marks.)

US Mint set presidential dollars have a special “matte” or satin finish.  They are also struck under higher pressure than typical president $’s made for general circulation.  Upon close examination you can notice the difference, particularly in the field or background of the coin.

Smooth Edge Dollars – How did they happen?

Experts speculate that some of these dollars were minted on presses reserved for proof coins and somehow missed the additional step of inscribing the letters on the edges.

At this time, no other reports of 2008 Andrew Jackson or James Monroe plain-edge dollar error coins have been reported.  [ end ]

See related article about the George Washington Plain edge error dollars.


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