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Monroe Error Presidential dollars Reported

News update - February 1,  2008

US Mint confirms it! 

2008P James Monroe Presidential dollars accidently made on quarter blanks!

    The United States government mint today confirmed that some Monroe Presidential dollars were accidently minted on coin blanks intended for US quarters.  For some unknown reason quarter planchets were fed through the dollar minting presses and were not caught during the minting process.

A US mint spokesperson admitted that the error dollars were indeed made, however their official statement is that they believe all of the error coins were discovered before they were released into the banking system.


Who found the error coins?

The US mint contracts with a private company to package unwrapped dollars into paper rolls prior to distribution to the banks.  This private company supposedly discovered the errors and returned them to the US Mint before they were rolled and released to the public.  The mint says they will be destroyed.  It is not known if any were accidentally released along with rolls sent to banks. 

Odd sized and not golden color

The error coins are nickel (silver) colored like a normal quarter, and are not golden colored like the presidential dollars should be, so they should be easy to spot by collectors.

A noted coin expert says it is possible that some of the Monroe error dollars may have slipped into the supply intended for circulation. Several coin dealers are offering hundreds of dollars a piece for the first specimens that someone finds.  So check through your James Monroe dollar rolls and maybe you will find one of the first ones to escape the mint!

All the known Monroe dollar/quarter errors were from the Philadelphia US Mint and will show a P mint mark on the rim, if enough detail is showing.  Because the blanks used were smaller than the regular size dollar blanks, some of the design details may be lacking on the finished coins.

At this time no errors are reported from the Denver (D) mint or in the S (San Francisco) US government issued proof sets.

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