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Presidential dollar coin proof set delayed

News update - February 2007

Issuance of the Presidential $ Proof Coin Sets postponed

 The first of the new Presidential dollar coins were released into the banking system today (Feb. 15)  Many banks are now distributing the new prez dollars, the 2007 George Washington dollar.  Rolls and small bags of P and D mint mark dollars are also available for purchase from the US government's United States Mint.     

About every three months another US President $ coin will be released.  With four new coins issued per year, this series will continue until the year 2016 before all the (deceased) presidents have been honored with a coin of their likeness.

 proof presidential dollar set 

Photo of 2007-s Presidential dollar proof set

 US Mint officials have announced the introduction of a special Proof set featuring all four Presidential dollar coins minted for 2007.  These collector sets were supposed to go on sale today, however an (unofficial mint) spokesperson stated their release has been postponed until sometime in the spring.   

The special 2007 Presidential $1 coin Proof Sets will contain four coins:  George Washington dollar, John Adams dollar, James Madison dollar, and the Thomas Jefferson dollar. Each of these Proof dollar coins will feature an “S” mint mark indicating it was minted by the United States government at the US Mint in “San Francisco” California.  An unusual feature will be that the S mintmark will be on the edge of the coin rather than below the date.  Special proof set holders will allow collectors to see the edge of the coin through the front and back of the holder.  There is some speculation in the coin hobby that the delay in releasing the Proof Presidential Dollar sets is because more time is need to secure the new type of holders that the mint will be using.

See related article describing which Presidential Dollars will be released each year.

Update to this article: 2007-s Presidential proof dollar sets have now been released.

2009 Presidential Dollar coin Proof sets releassed


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