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Error Washington Dollars Discovered  *  US Mint Press Release about Missing Edge Letter Dollar ERROR coins  *   Presidential Dollar Proof coin S-Mint sets to be minted.

Announcement - The US Mint has admitted to the release of Missing Edge Lettering Washington Dollar coins.

Plain edge or "Godless" Washington dollars discovered

Collectors scrambling to find the valuable coins

Press Release and Public Statements from the United States Mint  

March 7, 2007

 "The United States Mint has struck more than 300 million George Washington Presidential $1 Coins. We have recently learned that an unspecified quantity of these coins inadvertently left the United States Mint at Philadelphia without edge-lettering on them. It is unknown how many of these coins without inscriptions on the edge have been placed into circulation.

The United States Mint understands the importance of the inscriptions “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum,” as well as the mint mark and year on U.S. coinage. We take this

matter seriously. We also consider quality control a high priority. The agency is looking into the matter to determine a possible cause in the manufacturing process.

   Production of the Presidential $1 Coin, with its unique edge-lettering, is a new, complex, high volume manufacturing system, and the United States Mint is determined to make technical adjustments to perfect the process. As we adjust this new process, we intend to eliminate any such defects.

 Consistent with the agency’s practice in such situations, the United States Mint has informed the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of the Treasury about this matter."


End of US Mint press release.

Normal George Washington Presidential dollar coins have an unusual edge lettering.  The year of mintage, mint mark (P, D, or S) and mottos "E Pluribus Unim" and "In God We Trust" are found around the edge of the coin. The edge letters are stamped into the coin by a separate process, after the front (obverse) and back (reverse) of the coin is minted. Evidently a small batch of coins missed the edge lettering process, resulting in these highly sought after error coins. 

If you don’t see these inscriptions, then you may have one of the newly discovered Plain Edge Error coins!

Washington presidential dollar coin

Normal Edge of the Washington Presidential Dollar coin 

Coin collectors and coindealers are calling this edge lettering error a “plain edge” dollar or missing edge letter variety.  Some have even called it a "Godless" dollar because the inscription "In God We Trust" is missing from the edge.

For more information on the Plain Edge dollars see our article Error Washington Dollars Discovered



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